Huckabee Explains 1 MASSIVE Reason Hillary Can’t Be President… This Is Bone-Chilling

On Thursday, conservative stalwart and ex-presidential candidate Mike Huckabee made it distinctly clear as to why presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton must not end up in the Oval Office.

He boiled it down to a single issue that could fundamentally transform America — the Supreme Court.

“Right now, we have a Supreme Court that is essentially divided down the middle. Tie votes can be good or bad, depending on the opinion of the lower court, which in such cases is left to stand. With just one more liberal justice, however, America’s future inevitably changes. It changes drastically for the worse,” Huckabee wrote in a blog post.


He then went on into a frightening “what if” scenario, talking about the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and its blatant neglect of the United States Constitution.

“Imagine if the U.S. Supreme Court could be counted on to hand down rulings similar to one just issued by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. A majority of the justices say there is no constitutional right to carry a firearm, even for self-defense. In California, county sheriffs have had the power to set rules for concealed carry, and if they wanted to restrict it, they could.

“In a 7-4 ruling, the court upheld a law that says applicants must show “just cause” for carrying a firearm, such as imminent threat to life. A general desire for personal protection doesn’t cut it,” Huckabee said.

He concluded by saying that the entirety of the U.S. will follow California’s lead if Clinton gets her way with just one Supreme Court Justice. The balance of America hangs in the majority of our court system, determining whether or not we will barrel down the path of socialism.

Liberal justices take away rights, while conservative justices preserve them. The only reason the left is scared of Republicans getting a Supreme Court majority is because their anti-American agenda will come to a grinding halt.

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