VIDEO: Bullies Flick Cigarette Into Girls’ Hair… Boyfriend Sends Them Both Into NEXT WEEK

I don’t how sick you have to be to flick a cigarette butt into a girl’s hair. However, these thuggish bullies that decided to do that ended up a different kind of sick — sick with pain after the girl’s boyfriend sent them into next week with a few epic punches.

The video was published on YouTube Friday. Although there was no date or location provided with it, the video description refers to the bullies as “chavs” — a typically British piece of slang that can mean “hoodlum” or “trash.”

The two bullies were standing around in what appeared to be some sort of passageway, possibly on a public transit system. One of them was smoking a cigarette.

At that point, a man and a woman strolled by, arm in arm. As they first walked by, one could detect a sneer on the faces of the hoodlums.

Then, after they had passed the two thugs, one of the bullies flicked a cigarette at the woman’s hair.

Both of them turn around and the boyfriend has words with the hooligans (there’s no audio on the security camera that captured this). His girlfriend seems to be ushering him past it when one of the bullies — the one who flicked the cigarette — seemed to nonverbally challenge the boyfriend to a fight.

He quickly finds out just why he shouldn’t have done that:

It only took one punch for the boyfriend to take one of the bullies and put him on his back. The other one struggled a bit more, but after he had him on the ground, another punch laid him out, too.

The boyfriend walked away with his girlfriend as the two bullies tried to gain their bearings. Needless to say, they didn’t run after the guy.

It’s always good to see some bullies getting what they deserve. Next time, they’ll be a lot more careful about what they choose to do to innocent people.

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